And I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Iconic hero Rhinoceros Hunter

1. Make friends

In an era of depressive doomscrolling, crane game apps are a cheerful alternative

Photo illustration source: tylim/Getty Images

Please stop using those “aesthetic” multi-column resume formats.

Hiring managers are used to reading single-column resumes

A screenshot of a Twitch stream. 6 people each have their own camera and personal overlay with names, links, captions, & more
A screenshot from Otherdoc’s DnD stream with individual cameras and captions for each player

One channel = one stream key = one broadcast

An abstract painting with waves of blue, green, purple, and pink, overlaid by by reddish dots and swirly blue lines.
Image by Caatje (Carin) Winkelman under CC BY 2.0

Image by Caatje (Carin) Winkelman under CC BY 2.0

A warrior unsheathes her axe as her compatriots head into a crumbling underground grave full of urns and statues
Unhallowed Grave promotional art from

Increasingly, internet recipes call for essential oils as an ingredient. How can you make sure you stay safe while cooking with essential oils?

Several plants & leaves lie next to a cup filled with oil. All are resting on a circular white marble stone on a blue table
Image by 1Day Review with attribution under CC BY 2.0

1. Choose your plant carefully

An abstract painting with blocks of white, yellow, pink, purple, and blue. The sweeping paint effect suggests motion & energy
Painting by Laine’s Guide to Life

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